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Advanced Analytics

business banking solutions

The future of business banking

business banking solutions

About us

Itesyl Technologies is at the forefront of a new revolution: the mobile banking for business technology. We have considered four main principles for building business banking applications. They will define the future of the industry to a large extent

accept and organise user data

Integrate account transactions

accept and process payments

incorporate Analytics and ai

What is the future of mobile banking?

There are several trends that will define mobile banking in the coming years. Key among them include

Personalisation of services

Advanced analytics

Multi-channel experience

Artificial intelligence

Lifestyle products

Improved payments

The advancement of mobile banking and payment solutions is reducing the need for tellers and clerks. Long queues are now a thing of the past. Further, more financial services consumers are adopting mobile banking or wallets. At the centre of this revolution is data.


Market segmentation


Specialization of mobile banking products


Enhanced use of data


Lifestyle banking


User experience

Crafting that future now!

Our strategy to mobile banking and value-added services looks at different perspectives. We offer a flexible pay-per-use pricing model across all services and to all users and banks. 


It is evident that a business ecosystem contains large volumes of data that is related to banking data in one way or another. Again, the type and structure of data varies from one industry to the other. Here are some examples:

All these are bank customers who could benefit from improved mobile experiences. Kodeec is the first business banking application built using our technology


Real estate






Process management

Advantages of the model

Our role has been to find ways to use this model to deliver practical solutions and we have successfully delivered Kodeec, a banking solution for the real estate sector.






Automation of manual processes


Enhanced service experience


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